K i i r i osusowake -food design & tiny shop -2021

house for cake -product -2021

野崎書林 -DIY renovations -2020

K邸 soundproof room -renovations -2020

T&K wedding party -food design, food catering -2020

焚き火会 -cartering -2020

京都リトグラフ -renovations -2019

くらちまあさ生誕祭 -food design, food catering -2019

NARU -renovations -2018

NARU food concept -food desgin -2018

food sections -food studies -2017~

chab-works -food design -2017

cheesecake works -food design -2016~

Bistro Yamadai -DIY renovations -2018

study of a kitchen , in the house space -thesis -2014